Cadence is a bike shop like no other – a friendly atmosphere, fantastic workshop and a wealth of experience in all aspects of cycling.


Who we are...

A shop with a very strong sense of its own identity which brings you the best that cycling can offer.

A shop with a unique selling point – experienced staff with specialist knowledge in all areas of cycling.

A shop that encourages you to try new kinds of riding.

With staff well known to both our customers and in the industry, the buying process at Cadence is both considered and refined, as well as highly personal.

We are equipped with an outstanding workshop where we love to watch new bikes come together and older bikes given a new life.

Both personally and professionally we’ve never been more excited by the place that cycling has achieved in the public imagination.

Dave, Jim, Jonny, Russ & Will
“A real enthusiasts shop, highly recommended
“Cadence may not be my closest bike shop, but it's my favourite. Time and again it's been Will, Jonny and the team at Cadence who I've turned to for my biking needs. They are kind, supportive, friendly and , and have created a place infused with their knowledge and enthusiasm for cycling. Chapeau!.”
“Cadence is a professional and welcoming bike shop and is run by cyclists who are enthusiastic and go out of their way to ensure you have the best ride to suit your needs and budget. Their knowledge is second to none and the offer of coffee and cake on arrival mid-ride is a winner in my eyes”
“A local bike shop like this is worth its weight in gold, they will be my first stop from now on... highly recommended
Excellent shop, sorted me out with a really nice Cannondale road bike. Some really nice shiny eye candy to look at too. Often get offered a coffee to look around with. Dont miss heading upstairs to the main bike showroom, its very classy and well done with a nice arc of bikes and a sofa to chill on. Workshop is large and well informed too”


When it comes to servicing, every bike has different requirements, for this reason we do not have a rigidly defined servicing structure. We take a more individual, tailored approach.

We are very skilled mechanics and pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

if you’d like us to work on your bike in any way please phone or email so as we can get you booked in.

If you drop by the shop with your bike we can give a far more accurate assessment of any work that needs to be undertaken and book you in on the spot, in the summer months you may need to return with your bike a week or so later.

The services listed are just examples of the work we do and prices are guideline.

Dave and Alec

The Cadence
Race Team

Cadence Race Team

We're very proud to have such a diverse collective of two wheeled athletes in our race team, which is even stronger for the coming 2013 season.

The kettle is always on, so drop by and say hello. We're easy to find, just between the Royal United Hospital and the A4 Newbridge Road.

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9-5:30pm Monday to Friday
9-4pm on Saturday
Closed Sundays

Cadence Bike Shop
9 Chelsea Road
Bath BA1 3PP

01225 446887